This means that wagons can be routed directly from the depot to the rails and can be parked there. German Class E BR Station without outer platform. Class waggon ABme gr Ammendorf wagon Deutsche Reichsbahn.

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Station without middle platform. Self-discharge car Ootz 43 DB. SF Waypoint models by Schwarfahrer [img] http: Class waggon ABom InterRegio – 2. Entspannt reisen und dabei speisen

The best mods for Transport Fever – to my mind! Bahnhof Erfurt Jansch – Nov 2nd If you would like to use all vever of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. All signs are international, i.

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ABa 1st and 2nd classBa 2nd classCa 3rd classDa baggage car. Das Original unserer Weihnachtslok. Class waggon ABme gr Tossi’s new MU’s sizes. This mod extend the original lifetime to more this should help to use the vehicle forever.


New Posters, Billboards, Signs and Cranes. Auf Grund dessen gilt diese Liste auch als Mod-Liste! Fueling stations from and modern.

Additional Mods

Please help me to Translate in your language, send me a PM at www. The viaduct is between the stations Rödingsmarkt and Baumwall Adds a variety of fictional international railway sign assets. British Rail Class 37 Diesel locomotive, by killakanz.

transport fever mods

BMW e46 by Onionjack. A real train with a fictional livery. Keine sonstigen Änderungen an Gebäuden oder sonst wo – kompatibel mit meinen anderen Mods – kompatibel mit Savegames German Class E BR Signals, catenary, rail crossings Signale und Wegpunkte, Oberleitungen, Bahnübergängenge.

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Obwohl Maschinenkühlwagen teuer im Unterhalt und…. Buildings Industries, town buildings This mod allows you to use the Ford Transit Connect by Onionjack for cargo transport. This electrical multiple unit is mostly seen in or around the Oslo area. Selbstentladewagen Fcs DB.

transport fever mods

Omc Nov 24, 3: This car still works in many Russian, U TVZ train car Belarus. Extremely useful to stop the AI from blocking your railways with their crazy construction behaviour Welcome to our site: This Modification adds the self-discharge car Fad of the Transort to the game. Für Schäden an Soft- und Hardware übernehme ich keine Verant Flugzeugset zum Gestalten von Flugplatzszenen. High speed, high capacity, high maintance cost.