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Are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber about to get back together?

Since their break up in 2012, recently after Selena Gomez returned to the public eye, there are new reports that the two ex-lovers have rekindled their love. Actually, Selena Gomez is fresh from the rehab where she has been recovering from Lupus symptoms, including depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

In November this year a source told In Touch Weekly that it was a matter of time before the two got back together. In fact, there are rumors that Justin reached out to Selena Gomez while she was in the rehab.

Selena Gomez’s BFF Taylor Swift is advising the celebrity to stay away from Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber was spotted singing one of Taylor Swift’s songs while attending a show at Elle Degenesis Show. People are saying it has to do with Bieber getting back with Selena Gomez, which Taylor disapproves immensely.

These reports have not been confirmed yet. However, there are some contradicting stories alleging that Bieber is totally single and he is not ready to get into a relationship anytime soon. “I am really nor dating anyone. Single. I am not ready either,” Bieber told Degeneres, according to reports by NZ Entertainment News,

After all these rumors, fans are waiting to hear from the two celebrities regarding their reunion.