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Are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber about to get back together?

Since their break up in 2012, recently after Selena Gomez returned to the public eye, there are new reports that the two ex-lovers have rekindled their love. Actually, Selena Gomez is fresh from the rehab where she has been recovering from Lupus symptoms, including depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

In November this year a source told In Touch Weekly that it was a matter of time before the two got back together. In fact, there are rumors that Justin reached out to Selena Gomez while she was in the rehab.

Selena Gomez’s BFF Taylor Swift is advising the celebrity to stay away from Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber was spotted singing one of Taylor Swift’s songs while attending a show at Elle Degenesis Show. People are saying it has to do with Bieber getting back with Selena Gomez, which Taylor disapproves immensely.

These reports have not been confirmed yet. However, there are some contradicting stories alleging that Bieber is totally single and he is not ready to get into a relationship anytime soon. “I am really nor dating anyone. Single. I am not ready either,” Bieber told Degeneres, according to reports by NZ Entertainment News,

After all these rumors, fans are waiting to hear from the two celebrities regarding their reunion.

Is Kim Kardashian planning for a divorce from Kanye West?

Reports from renowned Sources from the US, including image hosting site, allege that Kim Kardashian is planning to call it quits with her Husband Kanye West. She has not done it yet but when the time is right she will absolutely go for it.

In fact, following Kanye West’s hospitalization in November because of mental related illness the reality and her spouse have kept a low profile. However, Kim Kardashian has been doing her best to help her troubled husband recover from his condition.

Conversely, there are reports claiming that Kim Kardashian is unhappy and is thinking of filing a divorce from the decorated Grammy Awards winning artist. US Weekly, argue that there is a confidant claiming that she wants to stay alone and out of the marriage. “It will not be easy for her to decide. She actually wants out of the marriage.

Reports from the Insider have added more weight to the rumors saying that the Kim who is 36-years-old will wait until Kanye has fully recovered before she can decide about the future of her marriage. “She is doing her best to be a supportive wife.” She feels relieved that Kanye is receiving the help he needs. However, she has felt trapped for quite some time and wants to call it quits.

A source close to Kim Kardashian told People Magazine: “Kim doesn’t want Kanye West near the kids at the moment. She is very protective right now. According to her, the divorce will be the best solution to their marriage.

Meanwhile, Kanye West has been eager to get back to music production but he has been ordered by doctors to rest. In fact, Kim has to keep reminding him that he has to rest.


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